So you have been denied for unsecured credit from the Banks?

When you are trying to get unsecured loans from a bank, personal or business, you cannot have the following on your file:
1. Lates
2. Any Negatives
3. Usage on your Revolving Accounts must be under 28%
4. Less than 2 inquiries in the last 6 months.
5. No Public Records or BK

WANT TO GET FUNDED BY THE BANKS? – Lets help you restore your credit then we will assist you in getting funded for either Personal or Business Loans or both. So lets start with restoring your credit file.

As the trusted leaders in Credit Repair & Inquiry Removals, we have helped thousands of clients improve their credit. 9 years of experience have helped us refine our service to deliver optimal results.

Your Credit

Do you know your Credit Score? More importantly, do you know how significantly your credit score can impact your life?
Why Good Credit is So Important, your credit score can have a major bearing on your financial and emotional well being.
Bad credit can prevent you from getting a loan, getting a credit card, getting a job, or buying a car, house, or just about anything else!
Even if you are able to get a loan … for a car, home, or college education … you’ll be forced to pay higher interest rates. And that can literally cost you

Tens of thousands of dollars in higher payments.

But the effects of bad credit go way beyond financial hardship. It can adversely affect your personal relationships and cause you untold stress, depression, a sense of shame and hopelessness, and a loss of confidence and self worth.

Credit Restoration

If you are looking to restore your Credit, We offer removal of negative & positive accounts off all 3 major Credit Bureaus. Services include individual account removal from all 3 major Credit Bureaus.

Inquiry Removals:

If you are looking to remove your inquiries, We offer inquiry removal for Experian, Equifax and Transunion.

What makes us Different from other Inquiry Removal Companies?

We will remove inquiries! Please be sure to view our Testimonial page and see for yourself how fast we can remove your inquiries. We strive to help you reach your goals. We don’t just offer a service, we offer a consultation to fully understand what your needs are. This helps us help you and guide you in the right direction. Most companies are in it for the fast cash and partial results. We have the latest technology and information to provide true and accurate data.

Credit Repair – Start seeing Results in 21 to 45 days.

This is the best credit repair service that you can ever get. Your file gets personal attention for the best possible results. Our pricing reflects the work, dedication and knowledge that we place in restoring your file.


Clients with Public Records may be required to pay additional fees.
Credit Repair for the Serious! – Most clients are ready for a mortgage in about 21 – 45 days.

We can use the FCRA to force creditors and the credit bureaus to follow the reporting guidelines.
Its not about speed but trying our best to get you results. Even though results are not guaranteed, you will be pleased with our efforts and the personal attention that is given to your file, to care to see that you get the best results possible.

We will need the following to start your File! – You must join one of the three listed credit monitoring services before you submit your file for credit repair. Its very important that you read exactly what we need to get started.

1. Credit Monitoring Service ( Three in one program ) Login Info
2. Copy of your DL in color and PDF file
3. Copy of your SSN in color and PDF file.
4. Proof of Address ( Utility Bill not older than 30 Days ). In color and PDF file. WE can also use first page of a bank statement, just use a marker to black out account balances. Also on the Utility Bill, the address is important NOT the name on the bill

We will study your file and develop the best course of action to get you the best results.
Some file may have additional cost defending on whats on your file.
Just don’t hire a credit repair company, hire a company that will work hard to get you results.

Our services are not a one fit all solution. We see thousands of credit reports throughout the year and every single one looks different. So, with that in mind, our fees are as follows.

Disclaimer: KCK Capital LLC does NOT do credit repair, this service is performed by an affiliated company with great reputation.

Credit Repair Pricing

Program One – 90 Days Service Plan ( You will still see the best results in 45 days )

$1500.00 for a 90 day service plan. ( If you pay another company $59.00 per month for years and still did not get a pleased results, then our pricing will make sense for those that really want to see results fast).

You will be billed for our services 45 days after you have submitted your file or when we have accomplished 90% of the credit repair services whichever comes first.